Oh JOY! Now comes the synopsis…

If I thought writing a query letter was difficult, now I get to write a synopsis of one to three pages. This might be even harder (if such a thing is possible) because now I have to fill in all the blank spaces about my story that I had to sort out of the query.

I’ve decided to think of the synopsis as a book report. Remember back in high school English, when you had to read a book then write a book report, trying to cull out the high points and put them in an orderly and consistent manner while showing that you understand the point the author was trying to make?

Wait, WHAT? You mean my book has to have a point?


About january11555

I live in a small town in East Texas with my husband, Gary. I'm an avid reader who loves a variety of book genre's - my favs are vintage romances, mysteries, magical realism, and historical novels. I have just published my debut novel, The Bullaun Stone - a blend of mystery and romance, seasoned with a touch of magic. Please feel free to contact me at janwhiteauthor@outlook.com or visit my website http://www.janflynnwhite.com
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