this makes me laugh

There is no I in team


About january11555

I live in a small town in East Texas with my husband, Gary. I'm an avid reader who loves a variety of book genre's - my favs are vintage romances, mysteries, magical realism, and historical novels. I have just published my debut novel, The Bullaun Stone - a blend of mystery and romance, seasoned with a touch of magic. Please feel free to contact me at or visit my website
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One Response to this makes me laugh

  1. Pumpkinhead says:

    Hey mom. I know I’ve been a terrible cheerleader, but I’m psyched that you started a blog. I love reading your thought process. Here’s a tiny tip for the book: no matter what point of view you are writing from, always give your character a distinct voice. Something has to set her apart from the world around her, but don’t make her entirely unrelatable. Hope that was moderately helpful. Picking back up tonight (finally… I am such an awful helper) and I’ll let you know how far I get!

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