I got the edits back from my proofer and have to say, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Yelena not only corrected punctuation and grammar, but out of kindness, made some comments and suggestions that help give the manuscript better flow and clear up some of the bumpy spots! I’ve made the edits and have contacted a design artist to work with me on my book cover.

Right now I’m at that scary/euphoric point in the publishing process. I have days where I do a happy dance just thinking about it. Other days, my stomach twists and I question my lucidity for publishing something that could be shot down by negative reviews. It’s a rollercoaster ride, but whatever the outcome, it’s gonna happen. 🙂


About january11555

I live in a small town in East Texas with my husband, Gary. I'm an avid reader who loves a variety of book genre's - my favs are vintage romances, mysteries, magical realism, and historical novels. I have just published my debut novel, The Bullaun Stone - a blend of mystery and romance, seasoned with a touch of magic. Please feel free to contact me at or visit my website
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