Doing the happy dance

Look what arrived yesterday!!!!

book arrival

Here’s an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

This time her smile was sincere as she congratulated herself over the idea to display the coat-of-arms. She’d just reached up to loop the gold cord over a nail on the back wall when she sensed someone standing behind her.
“Barrett. You must be Pearl’s granddaughter.”
Kate turned to face a slender man staring down at her from pale gray eyes hooded by bushy, white eyebrows. His chalk-white hair was pulled back into a short ponytail secured with a black ribbon. Translucent flesh stretched tight across his face. His colorless lips were pressed together in a narrow line.
“Yes. She’s in the hospital, so I’m–”
“I know where she is.” He cut her off. “I make it my business to know. Perhaps I need to introduce myself. I’m the Mayor of Ardee, Darcy MacMurray.”
He offered his hand in a half-hearted gesture, drawing back as soon as his fingers touched hers.
The exchange felt awkward. Still, he was the mayor, and she was representing her grandmother.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she lied. “Thanks for stopping by the booth.”
When the mayor made no effort to move, she attempted to politely sidestep. He didn’t budge.
Cornered until he chose to allow her passage.
If the Mayor of Ardee was trying to make her feel uncomfortable, it was working.
His gaze went from the coat-of-arms back to Kate. His eyes squinted into thin slits, and he stooped over until his mouth was inches from her ear. His sour breath and words made her stomach tumble.
“You don’t believe that nonsense do you, Miss McKenna? That a family crest reflects the true nature of its legacy? You have a lot to learn, Miss McKenna. A lot to learn.”


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I live in a small town in East Texas with my husband, Gary. I'm an avid reader who loves a variety of book genre's - my favs are vintage romances, mysteries, magical realism, and historical novels. I have just published my debut novel, The Bullaun Stone - a blend of mystery and romance, seasoned with a touch of magic. Please feel free to contact me at or visit my website
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