The arbitrary nature of book reviews

I am going to go on record right now to say that I will never write a bad review on a book.

Does that mean I’m fabricating my reviews?

Not at all. If I don’t like a book, I simply don’t write a review. But, you might argue, if you give the author an honest review, it might help them improve on future endeavors.

Perhaps that’s true.

Then again, perhaps not.

My opinion is that many times, it’s a matter of taste. I’ve read some books that got RAVE reviews. And I really, REALLY wanted to like them -but for some reason, they didn’t resonate. But just because “I” didn’t like it, doesn’t mean the guy/gal next to me won’t think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan and there are hundreds of people who hate the books.

And that is my point. Every book touches the reader in different ways. Now, don’t get me wrong – I find book reviews to be very interesting. Positive reviewers will gush over how much they loved a story. Then you’ll come across the negative reviewers that hated the very thing the others found engaging. The bottom line, though, is this — everyone has the right to their own opinion about a book.

I could write a negative review of a book because it didn’t appeal to me. Maybe I didn’t like the author’s writing style. Maybe I didn’t like their choice of words. Maybe I’m too picky. Maybe my coffee got cold too fast, or I’m fretting over the pile of laundry waiting for me to fold it. Maybe I was just having a crappy day and picked the wrong novel to read at that particular time.

Who knows what internal or external forces might color my view?

So, I choose not to write negative reviews.

But that’s just ME.

And MY opinion.

I’d rather do my best to SUPPORT authors. After seeing the trials and tribulations firsthand, I don’t want to put out anything that might prevent a reader from purchasing the book just because it wasn’t my cup of tea.


About january11555

I live in a small town in East Texas with my husband, Gary. I'm an avid reader who loves a variety of book genre's - my favs are vintage romances, mysteries, magical realism, and historical novels. I have just published my debut novel, The Bullaun Stone - a blend of mystery and romance, seasoned with a touch of magic. Please feel free to contact me at or visit my website
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